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Re: A Plexi/November Variant - First Attempt at "the amp"

8/23/1999 1:32 PM
Steve Jones
Re: A Plexi/November Variant - First Attempt at "the amp"
Hi Chris,  
Sounds like an interesting project. Especially the switchable output tube feature. Hope the result is worth all the extra trouble for that. I guess you won't know unless you build it!  
I've looked at this circuit also. I'd definitely add an effects loop. I added a switchable one to my homebrew and it gives you more flexibility than just a reverb. I use a cheapo Digitech S100 with mine. I used the effects loop circuit Steve Ahola has on his web site. I put the circuit between the preamp and the poweramp. But I'm thinking about moving it to just after the 1st preamp tube.  
On your Post PI Power Section "Drive Control", as I remember this circuit uses negative feedback doesn't it? I'm in the camp that doesn't think a post PI MV works very well in an amp that uses negative feedback.  
Let us know how it comes out!  

Fred G. Chris, Just my $... -- 8/23/1999 4:29 PM