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Re: Clubman type amp

8/19/1999 6:37 PM
Steve K
Re: Clubman type amp
Thanks for the info. I've considered trying a  
SS rectifier and it probably wouldn't make much  
difference in cathode bias mode but for fixed  
bias I think I'd loose that familiar sag I want.  
The Drake PT is 285-0-285 so I don't think I'd  
gain much going to the 272JX. I saw another  
Hammond that might work but its vertical closed  
type and the chassis I'm using already was open  
for the open horizontal type. I could just  
change that if I have to but don't want to...  
So does anyone have even a guess how much current  
the Drake/Marshall JTM45 transformer can handle??  
Getting specs on their trannys is like getting a  
Clinton rape story on the front - next  
to impossible...  
Steve K

J Fletcher I'd guess it would supply about 200... -- 8/19/1999 6:52 PM