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Re: Clubman type amp

8/19/1999 5:27 PM
J FletcherRe: Clubman type amp
A Hammond 272 JX would do it. 250 ma @ 300-0-300. A pair of 6l6GC's with a shared 135 ohm cathode resistor will deliver 36 watts into a 4 K load. Each tube idles around 30 watts plate dissipation. Hot! With a 270 ohm cathode resistor you get 24 watts and the tubes run cooler. Plate voltage is about 380 volts. This might vary depending on your line voltage, mine's around 110 to 115. I used a SS rectifier, so a tube rectifier would give you less B+. Don't know about EL34's but I'd guess results would be about the same....Jerry

Steve K Thanks for the info. I've considere... -- 8/19/1999 6:37 PM