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Re: Deluxe Reverb Cabinet Construction Method

8/17/1999 5:41 PM
Steve Jones
Re: Deluxe Reverb Cabinet Construction Method
Also recommend finding one and examining it for construction details. Maybe a friend has one, or a music store or pawn shop? You can tell a lot about how it is made from poking your head in the back of one and looking around. Take notes and make a drawing.  
Every once in a rare while, there is an amp-less cabinet for sale on Ebay. Might be worth monitoring Ebay for a couple months every few days and see if one pops up. Search for "fender cabinet". Course, then you'll have to find a chassis to fit it.  
MJ's comment should be well taken. It is easier to build a cabinet to fit a chassis than find a chassis to fit a cabinet.  

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