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Re: AC-30 Ghost notes - still....

8/16/1999 12:58 PM
Pat FRe: AC-30 Ghost notes - still....
The OP tranny was custom made for me by Stephen Delft (Moonlight Amp). I made all the changes Bruce recommended, and I don't know if it is wishful thinking, but it seems there is less ghosting than there was before, but there is a hint of it still there. Tonight I'm going to change out the B+ filter caps. They don't show leakage when testing them, but maybe they are under load? Don't know, won't cost much to try. If all else fails, I'll put a scope on it and take a look. I may at some point reduce the gain just a little in the preamp as the ghosting is only detectable when it starts to break up. There is plenty of crunch in this amp, it starts breaking up around 11 - 12 o'clock depending on what guitar I'm using.