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Zener filament protection

8/14/1999 4:54 PM
Pat FZener filament protection
Browsing through an old "1001 circuits" book,I came across a recommendation to use zener diodes in parallel across filament connections to protect them from overvoltage. One example for AC supply had two 6.2V zeners anode to anode across the filament, and a single 6.6V zener across the filament on a DC filament supply. This looks good on paper, and seems to make sense, but since I've never seen this recommended here or in any of the many tube amp books I have, I question why it never caught on. Since zeners cost more than standard diodes, is it a matter of economics, or is there another reason I've not seen this idea. Or, have I unveiled a long lost secret of tube amp lore that I can subsequently have patented and then sue the pants off of anyone else who trys to use it, ala Randy Smith :)!!!!

Steve A. Pat:  &nb... -- 8/14/1999 6:31 PM