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Re: 5AR4 verses 5V4

8/14/1999 12:24 PM
M/JRe: 5AR4 verses 5V4
When I put in the 5ar4 my voltage at the plated jumped to 440 with a bias of 18. I biased the amp to 22 and the voltage came down to 430. Thats in comparison to the 5v4 with 22@420. That would seem to support your claim for cleaner but the sound doesn't. I stuck in another 5ar4 out of one of my other amps and it sounds the same. I don't think they could be bad. They also test good in my conductance tester but I like to test them in a circuit to make sure. I have 2 DR's a 71 and a 73. Both have been blackfaced internally. I like the sound of both of them but they sound distinctly different and it seems that the only difference in the amps is the rectifier tube and the fact that the transformer was changed in the 73 to one from 1978. Could that make a difference?  

M/J thats the power transformer that is... -- 8/14/1999 12:27 PM
Bruce For what it's worth, I find that it... -- 8/14/1999 4:04 PM