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Re: larger tube & output in Single-Ended amps?

8/11/1999 9:37 PM
Ken GilbertRe: larger tube & output in Single-Ended amps?
Jeez Reid, really trying to get your point across, aren't you??  
Kidding around aside, spot on about the post, though. Interestingly enough, I have a Hammond 1640SE that is rated 50W. This is a rare beast, since Hammond, for some reason not completely disclosed, de-rated the tranny soon after I purchased mine to 25W. Perhaps they were saturating to hell with 50W of flux @ 30Hz? That's completely plausible.  
The best thing about that 1640SE is the DC idle current that's allowed--200 mA. You won't find another production SE tranny ANYWHERE with that kind of flux capacity.  
The downside is the very low primary Z (1K25), and low primary L, which is <10H if I remember correctly. This means paralleled tubes are necessary.  
There was a Japanese guy I saw who used a Svetlana 3cx300 "hockey puck" tube to drive a 1640SE. He seemed to like it quite a bit for home HIFI use. He went with the Hammond for its DC current capacity.  
I think you could still get an honest 50W, especially in the guitar range of frequencies, from a 1640SE, which are a little under 100 from Angela Instruments. When I bought mine from them it was 142. Damn. It DOES say 50W though.  
If you want to get even more SE power, you can get a couple of them and stack their secondaries. Or you could get a custom SE traffo wound, for big bucks.  

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