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Why a cathode follower?

8/11/1999 6:15 PM
Steve Jones
Why a cathode follower?
In looking at schems where there are three or more tube stages in the preamp, I am seeing what looks like a cathode follower circuit as the last tube stage. An example is the Fender Tweed Preamp schematic posted on this website. First of all, and I correct in identifying this as a cathode follower, and 2nd, can anyone explain to me why this type of circuit is used for this application?  
The purpose of the question is that I've just acquired an old Kalamazoo Model II amp that has two 12AX7s, however only one side of the 2nd one is used for the tremolo circuit. The preamp uses both sides of the other one. I was considering modding the circuit to use the unused triode as a 3rd tube stage in the preamp.  
Thanks for any help!  

Ken Gilbert q{First of all, and I correct in id... -- 8/11/1999 9:46 PM
Mike D. To answer your questions:1.... -- 8/11/1999 10:20 PM
Steve Jones Thanks Ken and Mike, -- 8/12/1999 1:35 PM