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Re: questions about Spitfire

8/9/1999 3:28 PM
Benjamin Fargen
Re: questions about Spitfire
I think your setup is on the right track. Your biggest problem with a cathode biased amp like this is heat. 12-15watts dissipation in a small chassis starts to take its toll on the overall ambient temperature of the whole amp(chassis,internal parts,PT,OT,ect.)  
I would up the cathode resistor to a 130-150/5watt resistor to bring the dissipation closer to 12Watts. In my experience there is a fine line between running the tubes to hard and just right. IMHO......(opinions here...not discounting what Steve K said at all!) running the tubes in the 13-15 watt range produces a cold brittle sound and not enough of that sweet EL84 top end breakup that we all know and love. I would try to shoot for 9-12watt dissipation Experiment with it and find out what you think sounds best.  

Steve K Yes, I use a fan in all my class A ... -- 8/9/1999 4:08 PM