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Re: Matchless output trannt ?

8/9/1999 12:26 PM
Pat FRe: Matchless output trannt ?
You might also want to check with Stephen Delft, a fellow from New Zealand who checks in here periodically. He will custom wind one for you, most likely cheaper than you could get one custome made here in the US, including shipping. His address is somewhere here, I think if you click on the "Moonlight Amp" design in the schematics window, you'll find it. He made one for my AC-30 clone. Wound to old specs, and great quality. I requested mine be made to mount upright and had a 4 ohm tap added. If you aren't in a hurry, I highly recommend him.

Wade Thanks for the suggestions. I will ... -- 8/9/1999 4:03 PM