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Re: Fan Supply Question

8/9/1999 12:18 PM
Pat FRe: Fan Supply Question
You are right, it works like a charm. I've kept the voltage deliberately low in an effort to get the air moving but keep the fan noise from getting into the amp audio chain. It seems like I've achieved that. I had it running in my garage last night where the air temp was already 100 degrees F, and I could still touch the top of the rectifier and output tubes. I have one fan drawing air acoss the rectifier and past the OP tubes, and the other blowing against one side of the PT. The PT has pleanty of headroom on both the filament and HV windings, but in the PP class A config, it still gets pretty warm. The cabinet isn't finished yet, but I like to keep the tubes up, and use expanded metal for the front and back grill. I usually cut and bend it to shape, and then have it powder coated. Looks good and keeps thing cool. Thanks again for your input.

Steve A. Pat:  &nb... -- 8/10/1999 11:30 PM