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Re: Since we're on the subject of Dumbo clones...

10/20/2000 1:37 AM
Re: Since we're on the subject of Dumbo clones...
Hey Andy,  
The comments he posted weren't that negative. Check it out:  
"The Steel String Singer is quite an impressive amp. The word "glassy" applies to that amp in spades. And  
at the same time it is huge sounding. But it is completely different from the ODS and is not an amp that I  
would be interested in at all. The SRV fans in the group loved it, especially with a Hamiltone guitar that  
one guy brought (along with a signed picture from SRV himself). But it doesn't have an overdrive section  
so it really doesn't sing in the sense that I want an amp to sing. I don't know why he named it Singer. So  
it was interesting to see it and hear it, but it's not me. "  
He states that it's just not what he likes in an amp... not really anything negative, since tone is a subjective thing. That's what I want. Huge and glassy... not no high gain monster. :-) -Jeremy

Steve A. Jeremy:  ... -- 10/20/2000 1:56 AM
Bill Morgan Thanks Jeremy.You summed it up very... -- 10/20/2000 11:41 AM