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previous: Steve A. Jay: -- 10/19/2000 7:23 PM View Thread

Re: Anybody added reverb to their D'Clone...?

10/19/2000 9:36 PM
Re: Anybody added reverb to their D'Clone...?
"Question on the tweed mixer: could you tap the reverb feed right from the dry input to the tweed mixer?"  
That's what occurred to me, but I may end up with a phase problem after reverb and effects loop.  
"maybe the amp would sound even better if they weren't running the OD Channel through the reverb splitter circuitry..."  
Is the problem caused by running through the Reverb mixer circuit, more of a plate loading issue at the splitter point, or both? With my testing, I didn't have time to narrow down on any specific culprit.

Steve A. Jay: -- 10/20/2000 2:12 AM