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Re: Anybody added reverb to their D'Clone...?

10/19/2000 5:51 PM
Re: Anybody added reverb to their D'Clone...?
sorry about resurrecting this, however...Steve's inbox is too deep to get his notice.  
My dumbling is in a BF'd '83 Concert OD channel.  
Last night I jumpered out my FX loop, Reverb circuit, and mixer in an effort to find out where the high end was getting killed. That was it. The standard Fender topology was lopping off the high end. I have to use the bright switch(250pF) to get about the same high end response. Obviously, it isn't the same result because more highs are being OD'd. The shortest path seemed to "breath" better if that makes any sense.  
As an aside, the ODS Reverb architecture as explained by Gil, reverberates the clean signal, not the clean _or_ overdrive signal. I'm iffy on the idea. An outboard reverb in the FX loop hits both. Hmm.

Steve A. Jay: -- 10/19/2000 7:23 PM