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Re: Since we're on the subject of Dumbo clones...

10/17/2000 10:56 PM
Gil Ayan
Re: Since we're on the subject of Dumbo clones...
Q{I recently read some pretty negative comments on Bill Morgan's site, regarding the SSS. }  
Yes, Bill didn't like the one he played. Of course, I know that if RF were using SSSs, Bill would try that amp again and like it :D - if you're reading, Bill, you know I ain't lying. :)  
"From the comments, it's obviously a bright and abrasive sounding amp (some have compared it to the Carvins, built during that timeframe when Howards shop was oddly enough, around the corner from Carvin's). "
That may well be. It, however, wouldn't explain why people like SRV, Eric Johnson and Larry Carlton (after playing EJ's amp before it was shipped to Austin in 1993) liked these amps, bought them and played them...  
"Yes, it's PC board and unpotted. After you read this review, you might not be all that interested in this's apparently no ODS  
Well, to say it's build on a PCB is too vague, Andy! It's built on several home-made PCBs which interconnect with one another! Of course, the ODS is already PCB - all but the preamp board.