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OD Reverb Architecture

10/16/2000 3:58 PM
Gil Ayan
OD Reverb Architecture
    By "tweed mixer" you mean like the pair of 270k resistors that sum up the two channels in a 5F6A bassman?"
No Steve, not at all. This is what the amp basically looks like: after the preamp volume control, the signal is tapped and fed to a completely separate gain stage. At the output of that stage there is a send control which feeds a parallel tube arrangement (just like Fender's), which is the reverb driver.  
On the output side, there is a recovery stage, pretty much like Fender's as well. The output of that is fed to a "tweed mixer," which is a two-stage arrangement. The two gain stages have a comon cathode resistor but different plate loads. One side gets the dry signal and the other the wet one.  
If you have been counting tubes thus far, you will have come up with a grand total of 3 extra tubes for the reverb.  

Steve A. Gil:  &nb... -- 10/16/2000 5:17 PM