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Re: Here's most of the amp...

10/16/2000 5:29 AM
Steve A.
Re: Here's most of the amp...
    You might want to post your voltages here... raising the B+ going to the PI (and your preamp tube) will increase gain and clean headroom. You might also try replacing the 10k PS resistor with 4k7 or 2k2, and maybe use the 10k for the node going to the preamp tube. (I'm not familiar with the 6AV6 so I don't what range of voltages work best with it.)  
    As for the PI resistors you might want to take a look at the Matchless Lightning schematic for some ideas how to wire up a PI sans NFB:  
    The PI is basically the same as the AC30 and DC30, but with just a single channel going into it. The cathode resistors of 1k2 over 47k are said to produce a very nice clean sound...  
Steve Ahola

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