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Re: Anybody added reverb to their D'Clone...?

10/15/2000 3:36 PM
Re: Anybody added reverb to their D'Clone...?
The signal goes through a mixing stage just like a Blackface reverb circuit. 1/2 a 12AX7 for reverb recovery and 1/2 for mixing. After the mixing stage there is a .1uf cap from the plate, then a series 220k resistor then a series .022uf feeding the phase inverter. I realize either cap and/or the resistor could be eliminated, but this combo sounded best. If the overdrive is too muddy, dropping the .1uf cap to .047uf or so makes an audible difference. Again, mine uses a little more negative feedback in the preamp, so the signal is probably not as hot as some. It works in this amp, YMMV.