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Re: Anybody added reverb to their D'Clone...?

10/13/2000 5:18 PM
JaySGRe: Anybody added reverb to their D'Clone...?
"The typical Fender reverb circuit squeezing all of the dry sound through the 3M3/10pF splitter would not do justice to the overdrive stages..."  
hmm, high pass at 5kHz...I don't have a clone, just an ODS channel in a Fender w/Reverb amp. I noticed that the Dumble Overdrive/Reverb amp didn't fare well in Bill Morgan's shootout 2000. In my case, it might be easier to implement reverb in the fx loop. Okay, here's an alternate question which Gil may be able to answer:  
Does Reverb in the fx loop sound better than the normal Fender paradigm?

Gil Ayan For what it's worth, the Overdrive ... -- 10/14/2000 4:23 PM