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Anybody added reverb to their D'Clone...?

10/13/2000 7:22 AM
Steve A.
Anybody added reverb to their D'Clone...?
    This was brought up in a recent post so I thought I'd ask! The typical Fender reverb circuit squeezing all of the dry sound through the 3M3/10pF splitter would not do justice to the overdrive stages...  
    Several ideas have been suggested but has anybody gotten some good results yet?  
    One scheme suggested tapping the reverb input signal early in the circuit (like right after the volume control before CL2, or after the CL2 coupling cap) and then feeding the reverb signal back in right at the input to the PI.  
    FWIW I don't think that a decent OD section really needs reverb, but mixing in some reverbed clean signal might be interesting...   :)   Then again Mesa Boogie seems to be able to "reverberate" their OD signals just fine... (love that Maverick!)  
Steve Ahola

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