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Re: tube socket spacing

10/11/2000 3:31 PM
Benjamin Fargen
Re: tube socket spacing
2" should work OK....if you look at an amp like a Fender princeton, the tube spacing is 2 1/4" between all the tubes accross the back line.  
Keep in mind.... as long as you position the preamp tubes on the opposite side of the chassis from the PS.... you don't have to have them all in a line on the back. You could put your first 2 preamp tubes on the "front line" in between the input jacks and your board. This is cool because you can fly your input grid wire right down to the tube from the jacks. If you take a look at some Matchless amps......the preamp and reverb tubes reside on the front line while the power and rectifier tubes reside in back.  
Hope this helps