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Re: Increasing tranny lead length?

10/7/2000 5:22 AM
Steve A.
Re: Increasing tranny lead length?
I'd much rather splice than attempt surgery, but that's based on fear and  
    Especially if the tranny still works! I dissected the PT in my Pignose G40V because I suspected that the thermal link had opened up... Sure enough that was the problem and after bypassing it I added fuses on the Hi-VAC leads to protect the tranny. I sort of pieced everything back together with clear silicone and masking tape (to hold it in place until the silicone cured... I didn't leave it on!)  
    I think that it is stupid to splice wires when you can just as easily solder on wires of the proper length... but not with trannies or chokes! (I'll find some wire that matches and after soldering the joint I will cover it with about 3 or 4 thicknesses of heat shrink tubing.)  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. The thermal fuse in the G40V PT popped because improperly etched traces on the pcb were allowing excessive currents to flow! After removing the unetched copper the tranny runs cool as a cucumber...