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The Hybrid....

10/6/2000 6:04 AM
Gil Ayan
The Hybrid....
    Great article! One question... was the "hybrid" amp that Bill mentioned the one you had told us about with the "guitar" volume and tone control after the OD section? Or one of the other "Ayan" mods you had come up with...?  
Steve Ahola  
The hybrid does include that tone + volume on a little board, instead of the full blown second tone stack. And it does have the other small changes I put in my amps (the "modern ones") very early on. The idea was to get a smoother, more "vintage D." sound, but for some reason (to me, and Bill) it ended up sounding probably even better than the older circuit. I must say that after playing all three amps for a while, they all do sound good in their own ways, and I'm glad I have all three.  
But basically, if you spend a lot of time with the little (full blown) stone stack, you can get close to the hybrid sound. It just took me forever to dial the sound in, while ditching the TS gets you more of "that sound" right away. On the other hand, if you want more of a Marshall sound out of the amp, the fully featured tone stack gets you there, while the hybrid doesn't.  
There is something else I have been doing lately, and that is running the amp(s) 100% dry. With FX and the buffered loop, the modern amps seem to preserve more punch and all that (a series FX loop does kill some of the tone). But dry, the older style circuit is really nice sounding. I got really enthused after A/Bing the older amp with a 50W Dumble. This was at GouxMan's gig a few weeks ago, and he played his amp dry (with some pedals in front of it). My amp, being 100W, had more headroom and low end, and was less compressed. I think both GouxMan and I liked the amp a lot. Heck, I was real happy.