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Re: D-Clone question - lamp on back panel?

10/5/2000 9:07 PM
Gil Ayan
Re: D-Clone question - lamp on back panel?
"Changing the subject a bit -- have you seen the Dumble shootout pages your friend Bill Morgan recently added to his web site? Yow!! A room full of Dumbles! I would have loved to have been there.  
Sure, I followed that shootout closely, and anticipated it as much as Bill for the last few months. In the end, what can I say? I wasnt's surprised at the results of it...  
Fortunately for me, I was already pretty confident about all three designs: the 80s, the "Sky" and the hybrid, since I had gigged with all three amps before the shootout. So regardless of how the amps stacked up against the real thing was almost secondary for me at that point because *I* already liked the amps. :D  
Thanks for the plug to my web page, but really, go to Bill's site for good information. His URL is:  
My page has the stuff that I built and I recently I added a series of pretty nice pictures of an 80s amp (not the insides, sorry!) which shows a lot of detail of the cabinet and chassis.  

Steve A. Dumble Shootout 2000 -- 10/6/2000 5:43 AM