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Re: D-Clone question - lamp on back panel?

10/4/2000 10:03 PM
Gil Ayan
Re: D-Clone question - lamp on back panel?
"So then why is there secrecy over the (I presume) trick Dumble used for wiring that 50W mode indicator LED?  
Just curious...  
Jim, that is a fair question, and unfortunately the answer is simply "because." If I ever bought a real Dumble, ungooped or if I tooked the goop off myself, I wouldn't mind sharing what I found with the rest of the planet [this proposition is very unlikely to ever occur; as it were, I am amp-happy for a long time to come]. However, some people just don't want information that they essentially paid for (by buying a damned amp) floating around everywhere. So, even though I don't quite agree with that position, I can definitely respect it.  
The LED for the light thing is no big deal, can be readily seen and is used for different "devices." The 50/100W switch is a little more interesting and I suppose that's why peole tend to be more secretive about that information. But if it helps you to sleep, in my amps, I use a DPDT switch and lift the cathode on two tubes for 50W. In 100W, I ground the cathode and connect the LED so that the little light comes on.  

Jim S. Yes, I'll just go with the DPDT swi... -- 10/5/2000 4:05 PM