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Re: D-Clone question - lamp on back panel?

10/4/2000 3:04 AM
Gil Ayan
Re: D-Clone question - lamp on back panel?
"A valid point.  
Consider one of those bipolar/bicolor LEDs that are a pair of diodes in reverse parallel.  
Do check the LED's PIV, though. That may be Gil's concern.  
Don's got it, think of the diode as insurance -- for what it's worth, the practive of the diode + LED was Dumble's idea for pilot lights, not mine. :) USed in the pilot lights for Dumbleators and modern amps alike, and of course, that part of the circuit was unpotted, so anyone can see that by merely opening an amp up.  

Jim S. q{...and of course, that part of th... -- 10/4/2000 3:36 PM