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Re: effects loop hummmm

10/2/2000 4:17 PM
Gil Ayan
Re: effects loop hummmm
Q{I built a D'lator type effects loop into my D'clone. When the send pot is all the way up or all the way down, it's quiet, but anywhere in the middle and I get 60hz hum. Any suggestions? I put some shielded cable to and from the pots and no help whatsoever....Daved and confused....  
What is your grounding scheme like, and did you decouple the power supply feeding this circuit? I can't heloe you specifically, since I didn't build FX loops like that into my amps. But I have two D-lator copy rack units; the first one I built would hum until I used isolated jacks on it. The second one never hummber, since I used isolated jacks right off the bat.  
I must confess that I had built, a while ago, a fully featured FX loop into a modified Fender and never had any problems with hum. Verify the grounding scheme, the power supply, the TUBE ITSELF, and all solder connections.  
Good luck,  

Dave Thanks,Gil. The power supply is de... -- 10/3/2000 10:50 PM