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Re: Wreck clean ones & OT's used.

10/1/2000 4:49 PM
Steve A.
Re: Wreck clean ones & OT's used.
That was supposed to say "Wreck clean tones" not ones. (DOUGH!!!!!!! ha,ha)  
    I think that might have been a Freudian slip... I like to wreck the clean ones, too!  
Guitar amps: Good!  
Hi-fi amps: Bad!  
    Thanks for sharing your "not-quite-a-Trainwreck" design with us! I bet it sounds better than the clones that try to follow the reported designs to a "T"... ("Ah... but Ken Fischer never used a 680pF treble cap Gotcha!")  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. Homer Simpson says "Doh!" not "Dough!"   :D  

Trace q{Thanks for sharing your "not-quit... -- 10/2/2000 2:33 AM