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Re: bias pots

9/30/2000 2:29 PM
Randy Jamz
Re: bias pots
Hmmm.... They look about 1/2" long and about the same thickness as a 1/2 watt resistor lead. They are expoxied into the body of the pot, and I just took a few out of by parts bin and twisted them around a bit to see how flimsy they could get. They didn't break, but I can't speculate on how someone else handles them. If you use eyelet board, keep in mind that the leads don't go in a straight line, but make a slight 'V', each leg spaced about 3/8" apart.  
Hey! Speaking of getting chassis fabricated, there's a whole day conversation in itself. Most places today use CNC machinery and have a 'set-up' fee ($$$). Most shops wouldn't bother with any order less than 25 pieces. So how do I prototype? I bought Greenlee punches and an ancient 2 foot box-and-pan hand brake. Any supplier of sheet metal will cut it down for me, just like a lumber yard will. You could also try trade schools and shops that don't use CNC, but that was a lot of leg work for me.

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