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Re: Trace, please post your results.

9/30/2000 7:59 AM
Steve A.
Re: Trace, please post your results.
    I added in two variations based on reports that some Expresses have used an RC network which bypasses the tone stack. Version A1b was drawn up with the resistor and cap in parallel, while Version A1c was drawn up with the resistor and cap in series (which would still be an RC network- right?) BTW some of the Kendrick amps reportedly used an RC network to bypass the tone stack; it used a pot which was called the Texas Tea control...  
    I have a hunch that the arrangement in Version A1b would overpower the tone stack (sort of like the PreAmp Boost in an ODS). So maybe the series configuration in Version A1c would be the way to go... For starters maybe try a 100k resistor in series with a .0015uF cap. Or maybe scrap the resistor and just use a 100k to 250k pot...  
Steve Ahola

ChrisW V 1 A b ............ -- 9/30/2000 8:38 PM