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Re: Trace, please post your results.

9/30/2000 7:10 AM
Steve A.
Re: Trace, please post your results.
    I just added Trace's "Blue-Tone" amp to the Express "library" file as Version A7 (along with revising some of the earlier drawings):  
    Version A1a is probably the one that most people try out first, but you might want to check out Trace's changes to the tone stack, etc. (I believe that his amp uses EL84's... I'm waiting to hear back from him on some of the details.)  
Steve Ahola

Steve A.     I added in ... -- 9/30/2000 7:59 AM
Trace q{I just added Trace's "Blue-Tone" ... -- 9/30/2000 6:17 PM