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Re: bias pots

9/30/2000 1:17 AM
Randy Jamz
Re: bias pots
I've been using the 594-70Y203. It's a 20K/20 turn pot rated at 1 watt and measures 1 1/4" long. One costs me $5.25, and you gotta buy 25 to get them down to $5.10, so 'buddying up' to save 40 isn't worth it. They work nice for me; smooth and accurate. I chose 20K just on a lark that one turn would increase/decrease the resistance 1K. Not very clever, but at the time I thought it was.  
P.S. Get a catalog and do some shopping. They just jacked up their minimum order to $100, but it took me about 5 minutes to spend more than twice that.

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