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Re: Greenlee punches

9/30/2000 1:03 AM
Randy Jamz
Re: Greenlee punches
Here is my gift to you, Monty, and anyone else reading this reply. Not being turned on by the price of Greenlee punches today, I dug up a great alternative. They are called Q-Max, and they are made in England (next door to Marshall, by their address). Cheap. I bought, and use these sizes;  
3/4" - $8.00 (CNDN)!  
1" - $10.00 (CNDN)!  
1 1/8" - $12.00 (CNDN)!  
They make punches from 5/16" up to 1 1/2" round. The prices above were a 'sale', that happens at my local supplier every few months, but regular price isn't more than $25 for the 1 1/2"!  
This cover 12AX7 holes, the two sizes of octal sockets around today and FP filter capacitor 'cans'. They differ only slightly from Greenlee. I have no idea who in the U.S. carries them. Another tip is to get a 'Lowbucks' catalog. They sell a hand punch 'machine' that uses your Greenlee punches and turns the machine into a quasi-iron worker! No more turning the socket around and around and around. Just put your punch in and pull down on the handle. What could be easier? How about the $175 U.S. price?  
Well, those are my tips for the day. I always buy used Greenlee punches at 'Tool Exchange' second hand stores/flea markets/yard sales, etc. because if you think the round ones are $$$ try buying a 'D' knockout for your Heyco clip! Oi, vey!

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