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Re: Trace, please post your results.

9/28/2000 6:56 AM
Steve A.
Re: Trace, please post your results.
    Thanks for your reply... As for the OT what if KF was specifying values that were dead-ass wrong, at least as far as the experts would be concerned? Intentional mismatches that somehow manage to enhance the tone. Just a passing thought that is probably wrong...   ;)    
    So how is your EL84 project going? Maybe you have to work through the same progression that Ken Fischer did... figure out how to get the preamp to work great with EL84's and then migrate it over to an EL34 power amp. Some of the best reports I've heard on DIY clones are using the EL84's... and EH 6V6's, too!  
    As for the coupling cap after the second stage, a lot of people are using .002uF or bigger (like .0047uF).  
    Although this might sound like heresy you might try padding down the signal with a grid load of 68k on the first stage and throw in an 82k to 100k grid stopper right at the tube socket for the second stage. For the heck of it try connecting the shield for the cable coming from the input jack to the plate of the first stage... And use lower gain preamp tubes all around like the Sovtek 12AX7WB or the Five Star 5751's or a 12AU7 for the third stage.  
--Good luck!  
Steve Ahola

Trace Steve;I've goofed a... -- 9/28/2000 1:44 PM