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Re: Caps in Preamp Designs

9/28/2000 6:38 AM
Steve A.
Re: Caps in Preamp Designs
Any suggestions?  
    All of the above! In example #1 the .001uF cap across the plate resistor is actually going to AC ground as far as the signal is concerned. In example #2 the cathode is fairly close to ground. You can also put a 150pF to 350pF cap between the plate and the cathode to cut highs. Or run a cap to ground from the grid or after the coupling cap. Each one of these high-cut caps seems to work a little bit different...  
    Are you using a tone stack after a cathode follower like a 5F6A or early Marshall? If so you might want to see how caps can be added to the tone stack to cut the highs in the Pignose G40V, Soldano Atomic 16 or Electroplex Rocket 50 drawings on my site:  
--Good luck!  
Steve Ahola

Jim S. q{You can also put a 150pF to 350pF... -- 9/28/2000 4:10 PM
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