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Trainwreck...built one...a ton of gain 2B expected???

9/25/2000 2:38 PM
Trainwreck...built one...a ton of gain 2B expected???
I'm sure I'm in the minority here and I'll get a ton of flack for this (to be expected)...  
I tried the TrainWreck circuit and as much as I hate to say this (keep in mind I have a great amount of respect for Ken) but I'm really not sure why people would spend in and around $5K for this tone(?) Am I the only one who feels this way??? I know tone is in the eye (or ear) of the player...perhapes I expected something different! (ha, ha)  
The lack of the grid stopper/input resistor (typically 68K) seems to be a source of what makes the amp "loose" and "gainy-grainy-slushy." Even with a 33K in this spot the amp sounds better but still very "gainy."  
If I had to compare this to another type of design I would say it sounds similar in tone when you lift the tone stack from ground on a Fender amp. It's pretty darn similar in tone (odd I know).  
I tried a "Matchless" Master volume (ala-spitfire) and the preamp just mushes up really quickly, so much so that I was shocked.  
Now I know that this amp is NOT a Master Volume design however people will crank the little devil up and you'll still end up with the same thing but when the EL34's (or whatever) start to break up it will be even worse.  
Has anyone else run into this??? I really wanted to like this circuit because of all the talk and I do respect Ken very much. I think the .001 (I believe) coupling cap works well with low plate voltages but it could be bumped to arond a .02 if there's more than 450V on the plates (I should say that's my opinion!! ha,ha)  
Now I'm NOT trying to stir up a flame war here!!! (ha, ha) I'm looking for other people's experiences to see if I'm way off base here, well you get the idea....just keep the gasoline way from the matches!!! :)  

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