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Re: building an slo--questions

9/25/2000 11:11 AM
Re: building an slo--questions
"1]-where is the schematic you all are using?"
Check out the Blue Guitar site, link off the front page. Probably the latest and greatest--hopefully the guys will update Steve with their revisions.  
"2]-where are you getting the trannys, or does everyone use different ones?"
Think most are using different ones. Look at replacement Marshall trannies as a good choice for both PT or OT's. I believe some even used some Hammond transformers, hopefully somebody will jump in with what model(s) they used, be interested my self just for a reference. Another thing they are looking at and just giddy about are the OEI OT's--available currently only in a 50W version from  
"3]- which trannys are best and how close will the amp get to the real thing with them?  
4]-whats the cost for each tranny?"
Probably get pretty close to a original, better yet you could tweak it for personal taste/tubes/trannies what have you. Don't know if there really is a Best.  
From Hoffman, looking about $200 bucks for a PT and OT. Another $20 for a choke.  
"5]-approximatly how much would the cost be for all parts needed excluding the speaker, cabinet, chassis,and tubes?"
Probably a $150 or less to build up a board--filter caps and everything(depending on what you pickup and where for components). You've pretty much excluded the high buck items.  

Mitch Guys, Ive used the Hammond ... -- 9/25/2000 5:40 PM