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building an slo--questions

9/25/2000 6:41 AM
building an slo--questions
i keep reading posts here about building an slo. i wouldn't mind trying my hand at this, but i need a few questions answered--  
1]-where is the schematic you all are using?  
2]-where are you getting the trannys, or does everyone use different ones?  
3]- which trannys are best and how close will the amp get to the real thing with them?  
4]-whats the cost for each tranny?  
5]-approximatly how much would the cost be for all parts needed excluding the speaker, cabinet, chassis,and tubes?  
i know theres a lot of questions, but whatever you can tell me will be a help.  

BWilliamson q{1]-where is the schematic you all... -- 9/25/2000 11:11 AM