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4xEL34 cathode bias ZNFB - done before?

9/15/2000 3:26 PM
4xEL34 cathode bias ZNFB - done before?
I'm planning my next DIY amp project. My main goal is to build a backup for my 2xEL34 stage amp, which is also a DIY project. But, instead of making a identical copy of this amp, I've been thinking about building something a little different. (The never ending quest for my ultimate signature tone).  
I'm building the amp on the remainings of a old 4xEL34 amp, (chassis, PT, OT, choke, ect.) which got me thinking about the possibility of doing a cathode biased 4xEL34 amp with zero negative feedback. Thinking about, I can't recall that I've have seen this done before.  
Anyones got any experiences with this. How would it turn out. Bad idea?  
Comments, opinions, suggestions or advise will be highly appreciated.  

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