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Questions for simple 6V6 S.E. amp project

9/14/2000 7:01 PM
Gary Gustin
Questions for simple 6V6 S.E. amp project
After unsuccessfully building a tube amp "smoke machine" 14 years ago during high school, I've decided to take another crack at it. The circuit I've decided upon is the single 6V6 (5F2 Princeton)project from the Angela instruments website.The questions I have are:  
1. The Angela pictorial does not have the .05mfd/600V Cap from fuse to ground like the Fender 5F2 schematic- not necessary?  
2. The Angela parts list only specifies 22 AWG hook-up wire. Will 22AWG work for the entire amp, or do I need some 18 AWG also?  
3. Can I just drop one input jack with the 1meg resistor including one of the 68K resistors, and just use 1 jack( with a jumper from ground to the shorting tab) and hook it up to the remaining 68K with no ill effects?  
Any help is much appreciated!  
P.S. this is a super webpage/forum!

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