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Re: AC-30 PT? Now I'm Confused.....

9/9/2000 2:37 AM
Steve A.
Re: AC-30 PT? Now I'm Confused.....
    I had heard that the AC30's use/need a low voltage/high current PT to work right with the quasi-Class A output section. I guess the 200mA rating should be okay- right?  
    Do you see any problems with adding a few 10V/5W zeners to the PT CT circuit to drop the B+ voltage maybe 20 or 30 volts? Mouser sells the #610-1N5346B zener (9.1v/5w) for 52 cents apiece and they are much easier to use than the heavy-duty 50 watt stud mount ones, especially if you are not exactly sure how much you want to drop the B+ voltage!  
Steve Ahola

Carlo Hey Steve - q{I ... -- 9/9/2000 6:04 AM