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Re: PT size specs for 22814?

9/2/2000 12:58 AM
Randy Jamz
Re: PT size specs for 22814?
I owe you, man. If you could please tell me the hole and bolt spacing on that 22814 I will be forever in your debt. I've never tried NS power transformers before, I usually used Hammond. The NS output transformers worked well for me before, but then I 've only used a handful. Are you refering to the PT or the OPT? If they run hot for you, there just might be problem with the amplifier setup (I hope). I had heard that the PTs can be mechanically noisy, but so are the Hammond. I just place a small wedge between the coild and the core and the noise is mostly gone. I have most of the NS PT ratings on a sheet they were kind enough to send me, and the specs for current seem OK, so I can't begin to guess why they would run hot unless you've biased the output stage really hot. I really don't know. Damn I wish I'd have stuck with the Hammond.

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