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Re: ARS Electronics Customer Service Nightmare

9/1/2000 6:53 AM
Steve A.
Re: ARS Electronics Customer Service Nightmare
I immediately called up and talked this time to a younger guy who explained to me that "this is what the factory wanted us to do".  
    Some mfg's just won't replace a defective item! Especially with Celestion shipping their speakers from England (that is where they are from- right?) It could be that they will pay to have a defective speaker reconed but not actually replaced. With some items the mfg will factor in a discount to cover the anticipated defective returns... and it will be up to the distributor to honor the warranties. But with Celestion raising their wholesale prices I doubt that they have made any concessions for defective items...  
    However, for ARS Electronics to expect you (a paying customer) to accept reconed speakers as new... that really sucks! Someone in management must have had his head up his woofer to have decided on a policy like that. Maybe they will lose a few bucks on the reconed speakers, but that is not as bad as losing a customer for good! Thank god for the Visa dispute process...  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. As for a PT for an AC30-style amp I was wondering about the Hammond 263CX... the secondary is 180-0-180 (just like on one schematic for the AC30) with 250mA! There is a 5V 3A FT for a tube rectifier but no 6.3V tap for the filaments...   :(   I had heard that a low voltage high current PT is the ticket for an AC30/DC30 type amp, but do you think that 250mA is too high? Thanks!

BWilliamson q{the secondary is 180-0-180 (just ... -- 9/1/2000 11:32 AM