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Re: getting "sag" with resistors

8/31/2000 2:36 PM
Re: getting "sag" with resistors
How much current capacity does your rectifier filament winding have? If you've got at least 3 amps you could try a 5U4 and the 5U4B as these tend to have more voltage drop across them. Your mention of the "strength" of the power supply is confusing. The "sag" is a function of the resistance of the rectifier at the current drawn by the rest of the amp and the capacity of the first filter capacitor. If your filter cap's too large it will limit the "sag" but the current capability of the PT doesn't come into play until you draw lots of current and if you're not getting much drop across the recitifier you're not drawing very much current.  

Josh what I meant by "strength" is that ... -- 8/31/2000 4:41 PM