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PT size specs for 22814?

8/30/2000 11:11 PM
Randy Jamz
PT size specs for 22814?
I'm hoping someone can help me here and save me a week or so of waiting as a bonus. I'm ordering a run of chassis and planned to use the New Sensor power transformer NSC022814. I need to know the measurements for the hole cut-out and the mounting bolts. I asked New Sensor for the measurements, and they faxed me a sheet with the measurements for a few transformers. Except I can't understand the drawing! I'm sorry, but I took drafting AND sheet-metal in night school and STILL don't get the line drawing. I think it is;  
Hole cut-out = 2 3/4" X 3 11/16"  
Bolt holes = 3 7/16" X 4 1/8"  
I think I have that right, and the orientation as well. It also looks like it could be the overall outside dimensions of the transformer (Ooops)! I could just wait a week or two for the transformers to arrive and then order the chassis with the correct measurements, but I want to have both ready at the same time, so any help would be greatly appreciated.  

Randy Jamz OK, after conversing with Ampwares,... -- 8/31/2000 11:25 PM