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Funky X88R / SLO problem

8/29/2000 2:57 AM
Funky X88R / SLO problem
I guess this question is really aimed at Joe L or Mitch who seem to have a pretty good grip on Soldano stuff, but anyone else who can lend a suggestion is very welcome to do so! Well, I just fired up my latest soldano type "clone" and I'm having trouble with the circut occilating when the Warren H. mod is OFF (when the .001 cap across the gain pot is in the circut). The preamp is basically an X88R with only the clean and lead chanels, although when I first built it I kept the SLO style "effects loop" as I think it adds to the tone. When the amp was set up like this (with the FX loop tube) there were NO problem with the amp occilating when the cap was in the circut. I decided to remove the loop stage and have plans to make a "real" post-mater loop with that tube socket, so now the lead chan is wired up identically to the X88R, and now the the thing goes crazy when the gain is past 2 and the cap is in the circut. What can I do!?!?!? I've got all the grid leads shielded now to try and stop this, but nothing seems to be working! Please help me, I'm starting to get really ticked at this thing!  

Mitch Ryan,I also did the same wi... -- 8/29/2000 11:14 PM
Ryan Thanks for the suggestions guys. I... -- 8/30/2000 2:41 AM