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Re: Does not Depend On Amp Desing

8/28/2000 11:07 PM
TomRe: Does not Depend On Amp Desing
Thanks for your reply Gil !  
The Pt I am using is not a plexi, it is from a late 70s 100w amp and it has more like 465v, so I think Nos 6l6 tubes will work,  
the bias-supply and heaters share center tap on this one so I guess I have to stick with the original Marshall design then, but still why is the "later"Humble schem showing a fender type rectifier and grounded center tap when people saying these late El34(6ca7) models were using Marshall 100w PTīs ? any thoughts on that Gil? Just curious.  

Gil Ayan Marshall OT, Not PT -- 8/29/2000 9:14 PM