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100w Marshall PT, how do I hook it up in a humble clone

8/28/2000 12:34 AM
Tom100w Marshall PT, how do I hook it up in a humble clone
I building an amp using an original 100w MarshallPT,  
my questions are ,do I need to connect the yellow tap that is supposed to go to between the two 100uf caps? and should I or can I use say 220k bleeder resistors on the caps like on fender.  
Can I use a "Blackface Fender type" rectifier instead of the bridge ? If so how should i connect the yellow centertap that is supposed to go between the 100uf caps  
I also believe my PT has common centertap ground wire for bias and heaters,but the humble schems that supposed to have these 100w Ma PTīs have 100ohm resistors to ground, and also fender style recifiers.  
my PT has the standard 100w colorcode but it has also a green tap on the primary side that is not shown on the 100w schems I have seen (in the G.T book)  
My goal is how to use it in a Humble type 100w  
anyone ?

Gil Ayan Does not Depend On Amp Desing -- 8/28/2000 3:42 PM