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Re: cap value for cathode-bias amps

8/24/2000 6:14 AM
Steve A.
Re: cap value for cathode-bias amps
    In experimenting with 2-6L6 amps I noticed a subtle difference between 50uF and 100uF, but could hear no further change when I upped the 100uF to 250uF.  
    What I read (from an unreliable source) was that the cathode resistor bypass cap would not be needed if the output tubes were perfectly matched... but that is a big "if" hence the almost universal use of the cap.  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. I think that the "fartiness" from large Ck caps has more to do with earlier stages in the chain being amplified by the subsequent stages. When you get to the output tubes, "the buck stops here"...   ;)